New SSSC Transparency Policy

The SSSC has recognized the need for greater transparency and with feedback from our Sangat, has approved a new Transparency Policy. In this way, there will be clearer communication with our Sangat about SSSC operations. Our hope is that this will promote greater trust and increased awareness of our processes and programs that support our constituent organizations and community.
As per our Transparency Policy, we have added or are in the process of adding the following information to our website:
Registration information for Sangat Forums. Register here for our upcoming March 25th & 27th Sangat Forums.Regular Meeting agendas, voting records and motions.Board approved policies. Amendments to the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. Information on SSSC organizational structure. Board member profiles. History and nonprofit status.Information on affiliated organizations. The role of the Board and Trustees. Offices of the SSSC. Committees and Commissions of the SSSC. Trustee and Officer Election information. Board member meeting attendance records (updated biannually.)Link to Guidestar and 990s for constituent organizations.Litigation tab for publishing the public filings in current litigation. (under development) Publish annual reports on the activities of the SSSC. Please see the Transparency Policy below. You can also view the policy on the SSSC website here: SSSC Transparency Policy

SSSC Transparency Policy
The Board of Trustees of the SSSC desires to conduct business in an atmosphere that is open and transparent with the goal of promoting trust and understanding with the Global Sangat.
Recognizing that transparency has benefits and requires ongoing efforts, the Board adopts this Policy to enhance communication with the Global Community.
To facilitate transparency, the Board will do the following upon adoption of this policy:
Conduct regular virtual Sangat Forums to interact with the global Sangat and address questions and concerns. Sangat Forums will be recorded and the recordings will be published on the SSSC’s website. Publish, on our website, Regular Meeting agendas, Regular Meeting voting records, and Regular Meeting motions subject to review by the Office of Dharmic Counsel. The following additional material will be published on the website and will be updated as it changes:Publish annual reports on the activities of the SSSC. Share other information as may be determined by the board to be of importance to Global Community members and stakeholders.
The Board encourages participation of Global Community members in leadership activities and solicits their input to benefit its decision-making processes.
The following information will not be shared publicly:
Community and Board member grievances and complaints Confidential information Sensitive legal and financial information Contracts Special Meeting: agendas, minutes, motions, and voting records