Job Opportunity: Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) is seeking a CEO

The KRI Board is looking for qualified applicants to apply for the role of KRI CEO. See the job description below. If interested, please send your resume by March 25, 2024 to  [email protected]. Thank you.


KRI CEO Job Description

Reporting to the Chair of the KRI Board, the KRI CEO is responsible for: international development, management and oversight of all aspects of the Aquarian Teacher Training Program and the Aquarian Trainer Academy (ATA); oversight of KRI Publishing, KRI Review, and the Library of Teachings; management of the annual budget and CCC grant proposal along with creating the annual business plan and longterm business strategy; implementing a fundraising plan; ensuring compilance with legal and tax filing requirements; managing and hiring/firing staff as needed.



  • the KRI CEO works remotely from their own office following a standard work week. 
  • the job requires some evening and weekend hours to accommodate job responsibilities and Zoom meetings with international staff and trainers in the field. 
  • the CEO role involves travel to have a presence internationally at events, forums & trainings 



  • Inspired by the mission of KRI to train Kundalini Yoga teachers and preserve the accuracy of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. 



  • University degree in a related field 
  • Kundalini Yoga teacher and practitioner
  • Trainer in the Aquarian Trainer Academy (preferred but not required)



The CEO must employ both a global perspective and regional understanding of internal as well as external dynamics which impact the Aquarian Teacher Training and the Aquarian Training Academy (ATA). The CEO works closely with a dedicated team to effectively plan and deliver the mission and business objectives for international teacher training, sharing some of the roles of the various areas described below:


Teacher Training Executive Council (TTEC) 

  • Set agenda and chair semi-annual TTEC meetings. 
  • Coordinate committee work for Certification, Program Development, Professional Development, Governance Committees, and Regional Councils. 


Aquarian Trainer Academy and Teacher Training Programs 

  • Manage Academy application and interview processes  
  • Oversee administration and interviews of Intern and Associate level applicants 
  • Coordinate and vet interview teams for Professional and Lead level candidate interviews 
  • Orient and train interview team members, and organize and oversee interviews 
  • Present candidates to Certification Committee 
  • Aquarian Trainer Forums – oversee purpose and direction of international Forums 
  • Aquarian Trainer Annual Licensing – oversee administration 
  • Review and update contract terms 
  • Review and clarify program policies and protocols 


Level Three Mela events. 

  • Assess ongoing curriculum and program improvement 
  • Gain direct experience of quality and caliber of teachers in training worldwide 
  • Develop and maintain trainer relationships 
  • Support community development of trainers and teachers in conjunction with IKYTA and 3HO 
  • Identify and mentor next generation of leaders in the trainer community 


Teacher / Trainer Ethics and Professional Standards 

  • Collaborate with the Office of Ethics and Professional Standards 
  • Resolve trainer difficulties or disagreements 


Business and Organizational 

  • Oversee development and implementation of business plans for teacher training and ATA 
  • Maintain understanding of departmental financial and non-financial position 
  •  Conduct organizational interface with IKYTA and 3HO 



The CEO skill sets should include all or most of the following: 

  •  Knowledge of leadership and management principles for non-profit organizations 
  • Understanding of community challenges and opportunities relating to KRI’s mission
  • Experience with organizational financial management
  • Grant-writing and fundraising experience
  • Expertise in project management, supervising teams and volunteers
  • Familiarity with human resources management. 
  • Proficiency in standard office software programs, email, database and Internet navigation. 



The CEO possesses the following abilities: 

  • Adaptability – a willingness to be flexible and versatile in a changing work environment while maintaining effectiveness. 
  • Communication skills: Speaks, listens and writes in a clear and thorough manner.
  • Promotes Teamwork to set goals, resolve problems, and deliver objectives. 
  • Effective Leadership: Positively influences and inspires staff and volunteers to achieve results in the best interest of the organization. 
  • Decision Maker: Adept at assessing situations to determine their urgency and risks to make clear decisions in a timely manner, and in the best interests of the organization. 
  • Organizes: Set priorities, monitors progress towards goals, and tracks data, financial and otherwise to gauge effectiveness of each department.
  • Determines strategies to move the organization forward, creates and implement action plans, and evaluates their progress and results. 
  • Solves Problems: Assesses problem situations to identify causes, gathers and processes relevant information, generates possible solutions, and makes recommendations and/or resolves the problem. 
  • Thinks Strategically: Assesses options and actions based on trends and conditions in the environment, and the vision and values of the organization. 
  • Five or more years of progressive management in a non-profit organization is preferred