Bylaws are the legal governing documents that dictate what the Member can and cannot do. The bylaws of an organization are like its roadmap or html code, they set the rules by which the organization must operate. The more familiar you are with the bylaws the more effective you will be at participating in conversation and making decisions on behalf of the Corporation. You can read the SSSC Bylaws by clicking on the link below:

Sixth Amended SSSC Bylaws


​The Articles of Incorporation is the official document that legally recognizes the creation or existence of a corporation. This document is filed with the government body of the state the corporation is incorporated in. The Articles of Incorporation list the name, mailing address, nonprofit type, state of jurisdiction, and officers of the corporation. The Siri Singh Sahib Corporation is listed in Oregon and thus it is subject to Oregon law on matters of governance and operation. You can read the SSSC Articles of Incorporation by clicking on the link below:

SSSC Amended and Restated Articles

Policies and Procedures

​Since its activation in 2012 The Siri Singh Sahib Corporation has adopted a number of policies and procedures to help clarify its role and the role of all those who work within it. We have provided you a list of each policy and the purpose it serves as well as actual copies of policies, which you can find in the Appendix of the Handbook.
At this time, we have chosen not to include two policies. The first is our Election Policy, as we are still in the process of updating it from this last election. The second is our policy against interlocking board membership, which was adopted as a measure to reduce conflicts of interest. The policy prohibited SSSC board members from sitting on the for-profit boards. Earlier this year however, the Board voted to suspend the policy and allow selected SSSC board members sit on each of the for-profit boards.

Inclusion Policy

Serves as a commitment to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of  inclusion within the SSSC family of organizations.

Inclusion Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Serves to protect the information regarding the Corporation. To read this policy click on the link below:
Confidentiality Agreement

Transparency Policy

​Serves to promote an open and transparent atmosphere with the goal of promoting trust and understanding with the Global Sangat. To read this policy click on the link: Transparency Policy

Conflicts Policy and Recusal Flowchart

​Serves to reduce the potential areas where a trustees’ purpose to fulfill the fiduciary duty of the organization conflicts with their own personal or financial interest. In areas where a personal or financial conflict exists or is perceived to exist the conflicts policy provides open acknowledgement and directs how the organization should proceed to involve the individual in discussion and decision making. To read this policy click on the link below:
SSSC Conflict of Interest Policy
Recusal Flowchart

Documents Retention Policy

​States how documents should be managed and length of time records should be kept. To read this policy click on the link below:
Document Management and Retention Policy

KIIT Reporting Policy

​Outlines the reporting parameters of KIIT to the SSSC. To read this policy ​click on the link below:
KIIT Reporting Policy

Meeting Attendance Policy

States the expectations of Trustee participation at meetings and what to do in the case of an absence. To read this policy ​click on the link below:
​Attendance Policy

Leave of Absence Policy

Informs Trustees of how to request a leave of absence from board meetings. To read this policy ​click on the link below:
Leave of Absence Policy

​Travel Policy

​States what types of travel and accommodations are eligible for reimbursement and outlines how to submit the reimbursement forms. To read this policy ​click on the link below:
SSSC Travel Policy

​Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a statement or a legal document that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client’s data. It fulfills a legal requirement to protect a customer or client’s privacy. To read this policy ​click on the link below:
Privacy Policy.

Election Policy as amended 11-3-21

SSSC Election Policy

Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy

Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy

Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy