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SSSC News from the frontlines of Ukraine

Our Dharma Delivers Aid Europe is seeing the largest refugee crisis since World War II, and over the past weeks our organizations have worked together to provide aid to the heart of Ukraine, where it’s most needed. Just this week, a 16 Ton shipment of fresh and canned food, or about 100,000 meals was delivered […]

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March Sangat Forums

Sangat Forums are an opportunity for the SSSC to share with the Sangat, hear from our community, and receive feedback directly from all of you. In each forum, SSSC Trustees and Staff will be on the calls and will be able to share and directly answer questions.1st session: Friday, March 25, 2022 Time Zone:1:00pm-2:30pm EST12:00pm-1:30pm […]

In honor and memory of Reverend CT Vivian

We remember and honor Reverend CT Vivian who  passed away on July 17, 2020.  We had the privilege to host Reverend Vivian at Peace Prayer Day several years ago, where he received the SSSC Award for Social Justice. A close associate of Dr. Martin Luther King, he was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement […]

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Legacy Gardens

Legacy GardensBuilding community through sustainable farming Many may not know the hidden gem in the Española Ashram Community, the Legacy Garden project, operating under Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Corporation. As their mission statement explains, “Legacy Garden (LG) serves Yogi Bhajan’s vision of community/ashram living, providing a financially-profitable organic farm that will generate produce, employment, […]

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2019 SDI Yatra

There are milestones in Sikh history that should be celebrated with unbridled joy and gratitude.  This fall is one of those times, the 550th anniversary of the birth of the great Guru Nanak Dev ji.  Guru Nanak Dev is the source of it all, provoking in each of us the awakening of transcendent energy that we […]

3HO Ilumniary Program

For 50 years, 3HO has been home to the practice of Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan – a place where everyone is welcome to uplift themselves and empower one another to be truly healthy, happy, and holy.3HO Foundation had humble beginnings. 50 years ago, a man named Yogi Bhajan came to North […]

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2018 German Yoga Festival by Gurutej Singh

After 17 hours in transit, I landed at the Hamburg airport. Sat Hari Singh was waiting for me and we had a snack at the airport, then began the trek to Boisenberg where Sat Hari Singh lives and has the Aquarian Academy. He needed to stop at the printer to give some directions regarding printing […]