Siri Singh Sahib Corporation Elected Officers

SS Sahaj Singh Khalsa

Santa Fe, New Mexico


SS Sahaj Singh Khalsa has been a Sikh, and a member of the Sikh Dharma/3HO community for his entire life. He has been a teacher, administrator and General Manager of SDEI and taught at the school in India for many years. He has been a Paramedic for almost 20 years, and serves in leadership roles on various state and national EMS boards and committees. He is the Program Director of the EMS Institute at Santa Fe Community College, responsible for oversight of all aspects of educating 120 new EMTs and Paramedics each year. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife, Sat Shabad Kaur, and two daughters.

SS Viriam Singh Khalsa
Vice President

Eugene, Oregon


Viriam recently retired from his 30 plus years of working as a Programs manager and Senior Analyst, working with disadvantaged youth.
Viriam has been a Sikh minister for 45 years and a long time founding lead teacher trainer and mentor for Kundalini yoga. Viriam has served on the siri Singh Sahib Corp since its inception.
His wide ranging include public service, public speaking, training, photography, astronomy and outdoor pursuits. he is married to Viriam Kaur and has 2 grown children.​

SS Guru Sangat Singh Khalsa
Secretary & Treasurer

Herdon, Virginia


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Siri Singh Sahib Corporation Elected Trustees

SS Awtar Kaur Khalsa

San Francisco, California


Awtar Kaur Khalsa lives in colorful Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, where she’s co-directed Guru Ram Das Ashram for over 25 years. She and her husband, Siri Datta Singh are the parents of an adult daughter.
Awtar grew up with the “1st generation” and is networked within most of the Kundalini Yoga/Sikh Dharma organizations. In 1971 she attended her first solstice and has continued attending annual summer and winter solstice celebrations ever since.
​She’s a mentoring lead trainer in the Aquarian Academy and has volunteered on the Professional Development Committee of the Teacher Training Executive Council. She’s also served on a local public school board.
She’s applied her academic and work experience in the area of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion to connecting with the 2nd generation, those who have been marginalized on the basis of joining later, living in outpost ashrams, race, gender identity ability, etc. She’s had the honor of being a founding member of the Kundalini Yoga Diversity and Inclusion Committee.
Awtar Kaur has earned an MA human development and is a board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). Currently she is an avid student of restorative justice. She is dedicated to helping the SSSC find a way to respond to historic harm and to meet the needs of those who’ve been harmed.

SS Ek Ong Kaar Khalsa Michaud

Plano, Texas


SS Ek Ong Kaar Khalsa Michaud began studying Kundalini Yoga at the Guru Ram Das Ashram in Houston, Texas, in 1991. She currently serves as a minister of Sikh Dharma, a member of the International Khalsa Council, a Level 2 teacher of Kundalini Yoga and a Professional Trainer in KRI’s Aquarian Academy. For over 20 years, Ek Ong Kaar Kaur has worked in the various for-profit and not-for-profit offices inspired by the life and teachings of Yogi Bhajan. She is a globally respected researcher of Sikh theology and history, and is most well known for her lyrical translation of Gurbani into English. Ek Ong Kaar Kaur currently lives in Plano, Texas with her husband, Dr. Patrick Michaud.​

SS Harimander Singh Khalsa

Española, New Mexico


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Siri Singh Sahib Corporation Elected Trustees

SS Gurujodha Singh Khalsa

Bakersfield, California


SS Gurujodha S. Khalsa was the first President of the SSSC and he served for 6 years. He is an attorney licensed in CA since 1979 and is one of four Chief Deputies in the Office of County Counsel, Bakersfield, Kern County, CA. He is the originator of a self defense system entitled The Spiritual Warrior Training System and is a Sixth degree black belt Instructor of Kenpo Karate. He is a founding member of the Amritsar-Bakersfield Sister City Committee.

SS Gurujot Kaur Khalsa

Herndon, VA


Sardarni Sahiba Gurujot Kaur Khalsa was appointed in 2009 as Secretary General and CEO of Sikh Dharma International. As CEO/ Secretary General she is responsible to oversee the management of the business affairs of SDI in fulfilling its mission and purpose. She is also responsible for the administration and oversight of the International Khalsa Council, the leadership body and advisory council for the Sikh Dharma/3HO community and non-profit organizations.

Gurujot Kaur has been serving as a board member of the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation since 2012. She is very dedicated to working with the Sikh Dharma/3HO family of organizations and communities around the world to foster inclusiveness, and to work together to establish a foundation of leadership and structure that will serve our Dharma for generations to come.


She resides in Herndon, Virginia with her husband and is an active member of the Herndon Sangat, which has a very vibrant and successful Gurdwara and Kundalini Yoga center. She has two adult children, 2 adult step-children and 2 beautiful grand children.

MSS Guruka Singh Khalsa

Española, New Mexico


Guruka Singh currently serves as President and C.I.O. of SikhNet. He is one of the original 25 Kundalini Yoga teachers trained directly by Yogi Bhajan. He began teaching Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan© in 1971 and is still traveling and teaching all over the world. He is a certified KRI Level III Teacher and Professional Trainer. His many YouTube videos and writings are an ongoing source of inspiration to many. He is the author of several books including “Furmaan Khalsa” (1987)” The Game of Love” (2004) and “Heros, Saints and Yogis – Tales of Self-Discovery and the Path of Sikh Dharma” (2011.) He lives under the blue skies of New Mexico with his beloved Khalsa family.

SS Gurumeet Kaur Khalsa

Española, New Mexico


​S.S.Gurumeet Kaur Khalsa, ERYT 500, is the Director of Create Inner Peace, a Minister of Divinity of Sikh Dharma, and Professional Teacher Trainer of Kundalini Yoga. She has worked closely with Bhai Sahiba Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, PhD, the founder of Create Inner Peace, to honor and serve First Responders who daily put themselves in harm’s way to serve and protect us. Teaching for more than 50 years, she specializes in yogic technology to manage stress, heal addictions, recover from traumatic stress and take control of our personal health and wellbeing. Gurumeet sits on the board of the Rise in Love Foundation to support the healing and recovery and restoration of self-autonomy of survivors of human trafficking and other severe trauma, and she has recently joined the board of the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation.

SS Guru Prem Singh Khalsa

Los Angeles, California


Since 1976 Guru Prem Singh has been an active member of the Los Angeles Sangat.

GuruPrem has maintained a practice at the Khalsa Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills, as a teacher, structural, breath, and Yogic Therapist for over 40 years. He was named ‘Posture Master’ by Yogi Bhajan, and is an expert on body awareness in relationship to personal growth. He is a KRI certified Teacher Trainer for over 30 years and has been practicing and teaching Yoga for over 40 years. In addition he does regular workshops for gymnasts and gymnastic coaches. He has served on the Board of Yoga West L.A. for ten years, as well as on the Guru Ram Das Ashram executive committee. He is an active and founding participant in the Share -a-Meal food service program.

He is the author of three books, “The Heart Rules”, “Divine Alignment”, and Everyday Devotion: The Heart of Being. He is also a musician, producer and composer, some of his most popular titles: Tantric Har with Simran Kaur & with Nirinjan Kaur: Humee Hum Brahm Hum & Every Heartbeat is God’s Name to me.

SS Gurutej Singh Khalsa



Gurutej Singh was the first practicing Sikh to be sworn-in as a law enforcement officer in the United States. As a highly-trained law enforcement officer, Gurutej Singh was personal bodyguard and aide to Yogi Bhajan and traveled the world with him. He is the Founder of Akal Security, Inc., which he grew from a small start-up business in his living room, to the largest privately held security services contractor in the United States and the largest provider of protective services to the U.S. Gov-ernment.


Gurutej Singh is a respected and recognized teacher, speaker, healer, and counsellor in his own right and teaches Kundalini Yoga, the science of meditation, and the teachings of the Sikhs globally. In 2001 he published a book of poetry, Children of the Cusp, about his expe-riences as a student on the spiritual path under the guidance of a great teacher.


In 2014 he pub-lished his moving and inspiring historical novel, Rajni, which was awarded the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence. Drawn from myth, legend, and actual events from Sikh history, Rajni is a deeply moving epic about the powers of love, sacrifice, and the elevation of the soul and is the first of a trilogy. In 2016 he published Guru Nanak’s Jap ji, the Call of the Soul, a pauri by pauri explanation of Japji Sahib, based on the teachings of Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan. Gurutej Singh is listed on the Sikh 100 as one of the world’s most influential Sikhs.


​He lives in Singapore with his wife and youngest son where he teaches and does consulting internationally, works on his writing, and is actively involved with the Asian sangats.

SS Sham Kaur Khalsa

La Paz, Bolivia


​Sham Kaur has a degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA in International Business and Climate Change. She is a specialist in climate change focused in development and forests. She has worked as a consultant for the Latin America & Caribbean region for various United Nations agencies and for the World Bank. She is now leading an environmental services consulting firm in work at the city level to support cities to transform to a more sustainable and carbon-free development path. She is a Kundalini Yoga Certified Teacher and has served on the Global Teachers Council (GTC) and as a Sikh Dharma International Regional Minister Coordinator, supporting the Office of the Secretary of Religion’s work in the Latin American region, working with other regional ministers and sangat leaders to promote a more coordinated effort in moving forward regional projects such as the Latin-American Khalsa Council.

SS Siri Pritam
​Kaur Khalsa

Yuba City, California


Siri Pritam Kaur Khalsa is called back onto the SSSC Board after having previously served for 7 years.


Born and raised in Germany, she came to the USA on her own at a young age. She had the good fortune to find her way to Sikh Dharma when things were starting out, initially living at Hargobind Sadan Ashram in the Bay Area. She became deeply inspired by the immense teachings of Yogi Bhajan, got married and raised her children the 3HO way. Later on, Yogi Bhajan was instrumental in her business training, suggesting & correcting her along the way, a training that has been greatly helpful through her career in the healthcare field.
Siri Pritam now lives in Yuba City, a large Punjabi Sikh community near Sacramento, California, where she is known professionally via her Physical Therapy clinic. A long-time member of the Tierra Buena Sikh Temple and a founding member and past president of the Punjabi – American Heritage Society, she frequently mentors local youth; her Yoga & Meditation classes are well established.
Siri Pritam Kaur is a mother to three grown children and four grandchildren, the older one’s enthusiastic students of MPA in Amritsar.
She is most approachable, willing to serve on the SSSC to fulfill the mission and vision of our teacher.

SS Siri Vishnu Singh Khalsa

Española, New Mexico


SS Sirivishnu Singh Khalsa has been an Amrit Dhari Sikh for 40 years. He lived in the Dorchester, MA Ashram for 2 years, and the Brooklyn, NY Ashram for 10 years. He lived in Brooklyn and served the NY
community for another 25 years, and moved to Espanola in 2016, where he resides with his wife of 29 years–SS Satkirin Kaur Khalsa Guru Granthi. He took his Minister of Sikh Dharma vows and joined the Khalsa Council in the early 1990s.


Sirivishnu Singh has worked with various Siri Singh Sahib CorporationDharmic organizations including Operations Manager for Nanak’s Construction, NYC SD-owned company, Manager CAO/Consultant to KIIT Renewable Energy and CAO of Akal Security.


In 2018 he founded Khalsa Family Farms, a community-owned agricultural nonprofit in Espanola, New Mexico providing high quality produce in a 8,600 sq. ft greenhouse and 1,200 sq. ft grow tunnel.


He has worked in directorship positions to Sikh Dharma of NYC, Amar Infinity Foundation, Yoga for Youth, Siri Singh Sahib Corporation and KIIT Board Chair. His business experience includes:


President G.O. Construction Corp dba Khalsa Construction in NYC, Managing Member of Khalsa Consulting LLC, and Administrator and Member of Majesty Music LLC.


Sirivishnu Singh has two children, Dharma Singh Khalsa Leitz, and Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa.

Siri Singh Sahib Corporation Ex Officio Trustees

Siri Sikdar Sahiba Sardarni Guru Amrit Kaur Khalsa

Española, New Mexico


Sardarni Guru Amrit Kaur Khalsa started her career in 1974 developing and building the legacy nonprofits established by the Siri Singh Sahib including 3HO Foundation, Kundalini Research Institute, Sikh Dharma Education International, and Sikh Dharma International. She worked internationally in community development and established with the Siri Singh Sahib the Khalsa model of education for Miri Piri Academy in India. She also supporting the formulation of 3HO events & programs, including Solstices, Khalsa Women’s Training Camp,Khalsa Youth Camp and she helped to standardize the framework for the early stages of the Kundalini Research Institute’s Teachers Training Program by engaging the International body of teachers.


Until 2007 she served on all the Non Profit Legacy Board of Directors. From 1985, for 20 years, she served as Secretary General of Sikh Dharma International and served the leadership body of ministers by developing the agendas for the International & European Khalsa Council meetings. In 2004, at the Siri Singh Sahib’s passing he bestowed upon her the privilege to serve the Sangat as a spiritual guide to bring all to the feet of the Guru. An ordained minister of the Sikh faith since 1977, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Religions.


The Siri Singh Sahib has said about her: “I have never seen a human being with such a perpetual grit that she stood with me through every odd and even like a rock. She has an extremely dependable character and she has a God given gift which I don’t think can be valued in any way. She is absolutely a living rational and logical person and extremely analytical and extremely soothing. Her style is her own. Her life is her own, herself is her own. She is a very rare human being. I not only respect her. I have great reverence for her. She is a very unique person. Her language is her own and it is very joyful and I am very happy and extremely feel very helped that I have all these years of association with her and she is a comrade in hand, friend in the waiting. She is a great healer. She is a real missionary.” Lecture: Los Angeles, California 3/20/1991.

Bhai Sahiba Bibiji Inderjit Kaur

Los Angeles, California


Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, PhD, holds the distinguished position of Bhai Sahiba or Chief Religious Minister of Sikh Dharma, and she was the wife of Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji for 52 years. To Sikhs around the globe, she is a revered “mother” and honored as an ambassador of good will and a harbinger of interfaith dialogue among religious leaders. In 2006 she was named the New Mexico Ambassador of Peace by Senator Shannon Robinson. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson appointed Bibiji as his Representative to India in 2007.


In 2005, Bibiji received the honorific ‘Panth Rattan,’ from Singh Sahib Iqbal Singh of Takhat Sri Patna Sahib. In November of 2004, Bibiji was recognized by the Akal Takhat as the Bhai Sahiba of Sikh Dharma of the Western Hemisphere, a position she has held in the West since 1975. In May of 2004, Bibiji was presented with the Kashi Humanitarian Award by the Kashi Ashram in Florida, and in April she was appointed to the Akal Takhat Religious Advisory Counsel in India.


​The Bhai Sahiba is responsible to advise Sikh Dharma on religious matters and promote good relations with the global community. Bibiji has authored a number of books on Sikh educational principals that are used throughout the world, including Living Reality, a question and answer book for Sikh youth, and the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Blessing, an intricate and esoteric description of the rags (musical scales), poetry, and architectural design of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred body of Sikh scripture, hymns, and holy verse. Bibiji is sought as a public speaker, lecturer, and teacher at hundreds of seminars worldwide.