2022 New Voter Application Process
for NEW Voters

For community members who want to apply to become a voter please follow these steps:

Requirements to apply: you must meet all 4 requirements listed below to eligible to vote

  1. Has taken Sikh Vows, or was born or raised as a Sikh to parent(s) who were members of the Sikh Dharma/3HO community, or has practiced Kundalini Yoga for at least 7 consecutive years , and
  2. Is currently and has been living and practicing the Sikh Dharma/3HO lifestyle for at least 7 consecutive years, and
  3. Is currently and has been an active member of the Sikh Dharma/3HO community for at least 7 consecutive years, and
  4. Is not currently, nor has ever been involved in any activities, organizations or communications that harm, threaten, or misrepresent the legacy organizations (for example, have an active EPS complaint, have threatened or taken legal action against any legacy organization or its employees, have made complaints to the SGPC or other Sikh governing bodies about any Sikh Dharma/3HO organization).

Application Process

  1. Complete the online application. This application will be available on this page starting March 25, 2022. Application period ends September 13, 2022 by 8pm EST/6pm MST/5pm PST.
  2. Get 3 letters of recommendation from Ministers in Good Standing, Active Khalsa Council members and/or Active Lead and Profesional Lead Trainers in the ATA Academy. You will need the information (name, email and phone number) for your three recommenders before starting the online application. Note: Letters of recommendation cannot be written by relatives. Send them https://www.ssscorp.org/recommendation-process.html for them to fill out the online recommendation. NO LETTERS OR PDF RECOMMENDATIONS will be accepted. They have to fill out the online recommendation.
  3. Candidates for the SSSC cannot write letters of recommendation for persons applying to be in the electorate.  If a recommender becomes a candidate after writing a letter of recommendation, the person applying to be in the electorate will be asked to provide an additional letter.
  4. Online recommendation have to be submitted by the recommenders by September 13, 2022 by 8pm EST/6pm MST/5pm PST.
  5. Your application will be sent reviewed and approved by Armanino, the 3rd party company overseeing the election.
  6. If approved, you will then receive a voter ID the day voting beings. 

Note: if Armanino requires more information for your application they will reach out to you via email. Please respond as quickly as possible. Responses must be received within the application period to be accepted. Failure to respond in the timeline indicated may result in the denial of your application. 


The application process for new electorate members opens March 25, 2022 and will close on September 13, 2022 by 8pm EST/6pm MST/5pm PST. 

AS A REMINDER: After filling out the application letter please send this link 
https://www.ssscorp.org/recommendation-process.html to the people who will be writing your letter of recommendation: