The Compassionate Reconciliation Project

In early 2020 the global 3HO, KRI, Sikh Dharma International communities heard the painful sharing of experiences of harm within our communities, and especially our youth programs and schools.

The SSSC has embarked on a journey of Compassionate Reconciliation, which uses the foundational principles of restorative justice to guide healing processes for all those impacted. The Compassionate Reconciliation Project seeks to acknowledge and repair harm while rebuilding a community of trust.

In the Fall of 2020, the SSSC hired Just Outcomes, a restorative justice consulting company, who focused efforts on meeting individuals and groups within our community to better understand the diverse needs and experiences present. This learning and assessment process helped Just Outcomes gain an understanding of what might be needed to meaningfully address the needs for acknowledgement and healing. Through this networking and relationship-building, Just Outcomes has worked closely with our current

organization and community leadership to build capacity and design pathways for justice, support, and healing.

An important initiative of the Compassionate Reconciliation Project was the creation of the Compassionate Reconciliation Commission (CRC). The CRC is a diverse group that engages the many voices, needs, and perspectives that exist in our community. The current structure of the CRC consists of a series of Advisory Teams working alongside the core CRC, which is composed of representatives from each advisory team.

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