The Office of Dharmic Counsel

The Office of Dharmic Counsel serves as general counsel for the SSSC and provides advice and counsel to the SSSC Board and staff on operational matters. Responsibilities include: providing advice and counsel to the SSSC board and staff on a range of operational and business matters; working with SSSC Board and staff on corporate legal, tax, organizational and governance matters; working with EPS and constituent organizations on ethics and compliance matters; working with outside counsel on litigation matters; working with constituent non-profit miscellaneous legal matters as needed; attending board and committee meetings; attending Khalsa Council meetings; supervising and directing Assistant Chancellors; and other duties as needed.

​Office of Ethics and Professional Standards (EPS)

Since 2001, EPS has been an independent office that monitors and serves the unity, ethics, and integrity of our local and global 3HO/KRI/Sikh Dharma communities. 

EPS works to resolve complaints and reports of violations regarding KRI Kundalini Yoga Teachers and Teacher Trainers, SDI Ministers and all of our non-profit organizations. 

EPS utilizes  processes that allow challenging situations to be worked through systematically, fairly, and respectfully and to be brought to resolution.

EPS also educates our communities, ministers, teachers, and teacher trainers on how to work in ethical and conscious ways. . 

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Office of Global Affairs (OGA)

It is the mission of the Office of Global Affairs to affirmatively influence public opinion and expand awareness about the legacy organizations of the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation (SSSC).  This is accomplished by building and maintaining a positive reputation for our organizations based on our shared values and building responsive relationships with the Sikh leadership, the yoga community, the media, and the general public.

The Global Affairs Advisor oversees the Office of Global Affairs and manages and supervises six mission areas: global events, sangat and panthic affairs, government and NGO relations, social justice, humanitarian relief, and freedom of religion or belief.