Election Update September 2022

SSSC Board, who are not running for election at this time, voted to approve the following motion to delay voting for 90 days to address the issues outlined in the resolution. A detailed timeline will be published on the SSSC website shortly. The Town Halls originally scheduled for next week will be rescheduled. Thank you for your understanding.

Resolution of Board of Trustees of Siri Singh Sahib Corporation

Upon motion duly made and seconded, the following resolution was adopted by the vote of the members of the Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation (the “Corporation”) who are not running for election in the 2022 Election.

Whereas on September 28, 2022, a meeting of the Board consisting of a valid quorum was duly held for the Board to consider the matter in the Resolution below; and

Whereas the SSSC has the responsibility to ensure that the election of its Board of Trustees is fair, just, ethical, certifiable and legal, and free of any misconduct or wrongful activity; and

Whereas in order provide confidence to the global sangat about the integrity of the election, SSSC hired the accounting firm Armanino LLC to audit all applications for the electorate and to certify the election; and

Whereas the SSSC Election Policy sets standards for the electorate to be made up of individuals who are members of our community who have been living and practicing the 3HO/Sikh Dharma lifestyle for at least 7 years; and

Whereas in the voter application process it has been determined that these standards have not been defined sufficiently to have clear guidelines for those writing recommendations, or to allow those who are processing applications to have clear criteria for approving applicants; and

Whereas Armanino has reported numerous irregularities that will not allow them to certify a fair, valid and lawful election without extensive and costly additional investigation; and

Whereas the Board is concerned that much of the potential electorate is largely uninformed about the role of the SSSC, that Armanino has identified issues regarding voter eligibility and other pertinent issues which undermine the integrity of the election and that will take time to address; and

Whereas the cost of the election is ever-increasing and consuming charitable trust assets; and

Whereas, in light of all of the above, it is no longer possible to have a fair, valid and lawful election without resolving these issues;

Therefore, It is hereby RESOLVED:

The commencement of voting in the SSSC 2022 election for the Board of Trustees will be postponed till January 20, 2023 to allow time to find solutions to address the above-mentioned issues.