The Office of Ethics and Professional Standards is hiring!

EPS Grievance Enquiry Lead Job Description

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Part Time: 20 hours/week

Reports to: EPS Executive Director

Starting Date: May 1, 2023

The SSSC Office of Ethics & Professional Standards (EPS) actively maintains the ethics and integrity of 3HO-IKYTA, Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), and Sikh Dharma International (SDI) communities by:

  • Supporting safe environments for members, communities, and organizations.
  • Educating 3HO-IKYTA/KRI/SDI communities in ethical and respectful behavior.
  • Championing an ethical, inclusive, diverse, and transparent culture where all participants can speak freely and be heard with respect.
  • Enhancing the integrity and professionalism of Kundalini Yoga teachers, KRI teacher trainers and Sikh Dharma International Ministers.
  • Working with the relevant entities (3HO-KRI-SDI) and individuals to resolve complaints and violations of the KRI and SDI codes of ethics.
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Applicants, please submit resume AND cover letter to: [email protected]