LYF Management is responsible for caring for real property entrusted to the 3HO/Sikh Dharma community. Our mission is to manage, maintain and improve these properties to a high standard of excellence and to make them available to the meditative public for the upliftment of the Spirit. Our goal is to provide spaces for people to experience the practice, teachings and history of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications for Service

  • Dedication to the mission and vision of LYF
  • Devotion to service (seva) and integrity
  • Experience working with a board or team preferred

  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience with property management, maintenance, planning and development.
  • Sufficient time availability for board duties and responsibilities (1-2 hours per month).

Timeline for Board Appointment Process

Now through July 15, 2023
Application period for applicants to apply to LYF Board

July 16 – October 15, 2023
Interview commission will conduct interview process with applicants.

October 16 – December 21, 2023
SSSC Governance Committee and Board review the recommended candidates and makes final decision on new and reappointed LYF Board members.

January 2023
Onboarding new board members begins

If you are interested in serving on the LYF Board, please read the Board Member Job Description in full and then click the Apply Here button below.