LYF Foundation has been entrusted with the care of real properties belonging to the Dharma. It is our mission to maintain and improve these properties to the standard of excellence set forth by the Siri Singh Sahib. And to make these properties available to the meditative public, providing space for people to experience the teachings and legacy of Yogi Bhajan.

Qualifications for Service

  • Devotion, integrity, and dedication to serve Yogi Bhajan’s vision of LYF
  • Past or current engagement with LYF (e.g., partnership, membership, content providers, etc.)
  • Interest in and willingness to support LYF’s goals and objectives
  • Alignment with LYF and SSSC Mission and Values.
  • Proven track record in an executive leadership role.
  • Previous board experience preferred.
  • Experience in executive management and/or specific experience and expertise in relevant business or technical areas and relevant industries
  • Sufficient time availability for board duties and responsibilities (1-2 hours per month).

Timeline for Board Appointment Process

February 16 – March 6, 2023
Application period for applicants to apply to LYF Board.

March 7 – March 31, 2023:
Interview commission will conduct interview process with applicants.

April 1 – July 31, 2023
SSSC Governance Committee and Board review the recommended candidates and makes final decision on new and reappointed LYF Board members.

August 1 – August 30, 2023
Onboarding new board members begins

If you are interested in serving on the LYF Board, please read the Board Member Job Description in full and then click the Apply Here button below.