About 3HO

We believe that the teachings and practices of Kundalini Yoga support a person in realizing their full human potential, with reverence and respect for life itself and love and compassion for others.

3HO is a nonprofit in service to a global mission to connect millions more people, and a broader diversity of people, with the transformational practices of Kundalini Yoga for the betterment of individuals and communities worldwide. We envision a world in which people everywhere are empowered and supported in the ways that matter to all humans: personal fulfillment, health and well-being, families and relationships, work and professional expression — united in service to the evolution of life. Click here to view 3HO’s Mission and Values

Qualifications for Service:

  • Active interest in 3HO’s mission and dedication to serve 3HO in navigating a new future
  • Intellectual capacity to understand the business governed by the board. Experience in business operations, strategy formulation, financial planning and team building is preferred
  • Interpersonal skills – Service-oriented leadership and commitment to effectively collaborate and work well with the other 3HO board members
  • Instinct and good judgment for making effective and feasible strategic decisions
  • Commitment to enthusiastically put in the personal time that is needed to help 3HO grow
  • Financial ability to attend online & on-site meetings; this is a totally voluntary position
  • Time availability 8 hours per month. Monthly Board meetings & “as required’ committee meetings, 2 days, in-person or online, for annual strategy formulation meeting
  • Prosperity consciousness to be a personal donor to 3HO’s mission
  • Networking Skills to be an active and effective ambassador for 3HO to foster awareness and garner support for 3HO’s global objectives
  • Fundraising skills – committed to be a fundraising spokesperson to further 3HOs strategic objectives
  • Integrity to do what is right for the organization to represent our mission and vision
  • Kundalini Yoga personal practice for at least 3 years
  • Familiarity with the business of yoga (teachings, workshops, running a center, producing and/or selling products, etc.), especially digital and marketing experience
  • Prior nonprofit board experience preferred
  • Broad geographical representation – We are a global nonprofit. We are actively recruiting Board members with a global perspective whether in or outside of the USA
  • Experience in legal or corporate compliance matters preferred
  • Financial skills and analysis ability and experience in understanding and analyzing financial reports, assessing strategic metrics and propose feasible financial mgt recommendations
  • Proficiency in English – both written and spoken English proficiency required

Timeline for Board Appointment Process

May 16 – June 15, 2023
Application period for applicants to apply to 3HO Board.

June 16 – July 15, 2023
Interview commission will conduct interview process with applicants

September 1 – October 31, 2023
SSSC Governance Committee and Board review the recommended candidates and make final decision on new and reappointed 3HO Board members.

November 2023

Onboarding new board members begins.

If you are interested in serving on the 3HO Board, please read the Board Member Job Description in full and then click the Apply Here button below.