3HO International

We believe that the teachings and practices of Kundalini Yoga support a person in realizing their full human potential, with reverence and respect for life itself and love and compassion for others.

3HO is a nonprofit in service to a global mission to connect millions more people, and a broader diversity of people, with the transformational practices of Kundalini Yoga for the betterment of individuals and communities worldwide. We envision a world in which people everywhere are empowered and supported in the ways that matter to all humans: personal fulfillment, health and well-being, families and relationships, work and professional expression — united in service to the evolution of life.


3HO Europe

​The role of 3HO Europe is to offer support to the many newcomers to Kundalini Yoga and to existing European parties. Our mission is to connect the European community and facilitate the exchange between teachers, trainers, students and national associations. 3HO Europe relies on the collective effort of the European sangat to be an interactive platform between the different countries so that it can represent you. Your teachings, your initiatives, your local community so that the European sangat can be One in its diversity.

3HO Europe has been the organiser of the biggest Yoga Festival in Europe for the last 40 years. We have now 2 generations of participants and even a young third one. Each year we come together for a week of yoga, meditation and music in a spirit of service ​where everyone is involved in the smooth running of the event.


Kundalini Research Institute (KRI)

KRI is a non-profit organization that holds the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and provides accessible and relevant resources to teachers and students of Kundalini Yoga.

Our mission is to make the benefits and practice of Kundalini Yoga, based on the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, accessible to all people from all backgrounds.


LYF Management

LYF Management is responsible for caring for real property entrusted to the 3HO/Sikh Dharma community. Our mission is to manage, maintain and improve these properties to a high standard of excellence and to make them available to the meditative public for the upliftment of the Spirit. Our goal is to provide spaces for people to experience the practice, teachings and history of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma.


SikhNet is a global virtual community for Sikhs and all those interested in the Sikh way of life. We offer the Daily Hukamnama from the Golden Temple, the largest online collection of Gurbani Kirtan, Sikh-related news and inspirational content, as well as animated Sikh stories and online courses on the teachings of Sikhism. SikhNet broadcasts temple services and devotional music through the SikhNet Play radio. We provide these spiritual education and resources in a non-judgmental, neutral environment intended to inspire and uplift all who participate. SikhNet is a tax exempt 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation in the USA operating exclusively for religious, charitable and educational purposes.


Sikh Dharma International

The mission of Sikh Dharma International (SDI) is to serve and uplift humanity through the universal teachings of the Sikh Gurus and the path of Sikh Dharma, as shared by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan.


Sikh Dharma Education International

MPA’s mission is to give our students the depth of spiritual experience and skills to confidently succeed in life, serve the age and fulfill their destiny, through the practice of Sikh Dharma lifestyle and Kundalini Yoga, high-quality academics, positive relationships, healthy life habits and meaningful service.

Founded in 1996, Miri Piri Academy is an oasis for learning and growth in Amritsar. Located on 13 beautiful acres of peace, just 9 km away from sacred Siri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), we offer meaningful learning experiences and an opportunity to connect with your soul for children and adults.