Nomination Form for SSSC Trustees

To be eligible to serve as an Elected Trustee an individual must: 

  1. be a Minister of Sikh Dharma International currently in Good Standing ordained prior to May 8, 2020. 
  2. be a regular donor to one or more of the nonprofit Constituent Corporations and has been for at least two (2) calendar years immediately preceding his or her nomination
  3. be of good character; have never been convicted of or admitted to any felony offense or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude; not represent any threat to the security of the United States or have any foreign interests or status that conflict with the interests of the United States or with any element of the Sikh Dharma/3HO Community and businesses; agree to provide information for a confidential background check; and
  4. not concurrently serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors of any of the following entities: 
    1. United States:
      • 3-H-O Foundation International (California)
      • Sikh Dharma International (California)
      • All local affiliates of Sikh Dharma International
      • Kundalini Research Institute (California)
      • Sikh Dharma Education International (New Mexico)
      • SikhNet, Inc. (New Mexico)
      • Sikh Dharma Stewardship, LLC (Oregon)
    2. Europe and India:
      1. Stichting 3HO (Netherlands)
      2. European 3HO Foundation Stichting (Netherlands)
      3. LYSF (Legacy of Yogiji Support Foundation) (Netherlands)
      4. Yogi Tea Foundation (Germany)
      5. SCI Anandpour (Château Anand)
      6. SCI La Fontaine (France)
      7. KYEF3HO (India)
    3. For-Profit Entities:
      1. Akal Security
      2. East West Tea Company
      3. KIIT
      4. KIT BV
      5. KIT India
      6. KIIT Renewable Energy (KRE)
      7. Raj Yog Takht (Yoga West)
      8. Teapak SRL
      9. Yogi Tea GmbH
  5.  not be related by blood or marriage (including step-relations) to, or in a domestic partnership with, another Trustee provided however, that this limitation shall not apply to Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Puri and her son Kulbir Singh Puri serving as Trustees at the same time.

Note:  Nominees can be any ordained Sikh Dharma International Minister who is potentially eligible to run for the board, but who may or may not be current in all their ministerial requirements. Ministers have until May 8th 2022 to become current in their Minister standing through the Office of the Secretary of Religion. 

 To view an online directory of listed Sikh Dharma International, please click here. You can also email [email protected] to inquire whether an individual is an eligible Minister. 

Nominate a candidate to serve on the SSSC

You may nominate up to three (3) candidates for the SSSC Board of Trustees. All nominees will be vetted by the Office of Dharmic Counsel to ensure that they meet the above Candidate Requirements put forth in the SSSC Bylaws. A searchable directory of potentially eligible Ministers can be accessed through the link below. (*If a Minister is listed in the directory as Not Current, they may be nominated; if the Minister chooses to accept the nomination, they will have until 8 pm EDT May 8th 2022 to update their status to Current/Good Standing by fulfilling their Ministerial requirements.)



  • Если вы соответствуете требованиям, вы можете выдвинуть себя, а также двух других кандидатов.
  • Вы можете выдвинуть не более ТРЕХ кандидатов