Dear Members of the Sikh Dharma / 3HO Community, Sat Nam.

This is the second report of 2014 from the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation (SSSC) Board of Trustees, covering the period from May through October of this year.

The SSSC members a􏰀ttended the Fall Khalsa Council meetings in Española, NM and presented an in-person report to the members. This email includes sections of the Khalsa Council report as well as other important updates. 

Message from the President of the Board 

President SS Gurujodha Singh Khalsa addresses the Khalsa Council.

SS Gurujodha Singh Khalsa 
It has been a little over two years since the election of the Initial Board and just short of two years since the term of the first SSSC began. These are historic times which we knew would come and in which we are privileged to serve. 

The Executive Director will detail shortly some of the principal achievements of this first SSSC Board, the most important of which has been realigning the direction of this Dharma and the system of spiritual technology delivered to us by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji with the principals and concepts of Divine guidance, Guru inspired service, love, peace, and prosperity for all. ​

The map for our successful journey was provided by Siri Singh Sahib. When he showed it to us over the course of 30 plus years it seemed easy enough to follow, but we now know we must walk the sometimes difficult miles and distance to our destiny on our own.
The picture of a mountain on a map can hardly prepare you or do justice to the steep incline or the slippery rocks you may encounter on your trek. The words “20 kilometers” look a lot different than it feels to the soles of your feet. The outline of a river on a piece of paper or a GPS screen doesn’t quite get you ready for the deep ice cold water you may have to swim in or walk through. This however is our challenge.

We knew these days would come and we promised to be ready. We promised him and each other that we would traverse this road of destiny together, not so that just one of us makes it but so that the mission is delivered. On the way some folks may slip down and it’s up to each of us to reach back and pull them through. It’s a fact that many will die and be born along the way. It is up to us mourn and celebrate with love and affection and to keep moving.

The tenth anniversary of the passing of the Siri Singh Sahib is upon us and we have made it quite a distance by Guru’s grace and with the subtle guidance of our beloved teacher. But judging from the words of our teacher about this transition to a new age of awareness and an assessment of the current state of the world we do not have time to stop and admire our work. … 

Click here to read the rest of the President’s address to Khalsa Council. 

Executive Director’s Report 

The Executive Director gave a report to the Khalsa Council on the first term accomplishments of the SSSC and more recent updates. The Powerpoint presentation from that report can be viewed here

Board Member Attendance 

On May 14, 2014, the board approved an attendance policy for its members which requires that the attendance records for board meetings be shared with the Sangat. Accordingly, board attendance records are available here. 

Election Update 

We are proceeding with the election process for seven (7) seats on the Board of Trustees. Since over 200 individuals were nominated to run in the election, we have postponed the announcement of eligible candidates to allow enough time for a thorough ve􏰀ing process. We will send out a dedicated update with the list of candidates on Wednesday, December 10th. 

In Closing 

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to support the Sangat in manifesting the Siri Singh Sahib’s vision. If you have questions or comments about the content of this report, please reply to this email.

May Guru Ram Das bless you and your family with health, happiness, and continued prosperity.
In the Name of God which lives in every Heart, and the Holy Nam which holds the world.

​Blessings to all,
The Siri Singh Sahib Corporation Board of Trustees

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