2022 Recommendation Process

for those writing recommendations for voters

For Ministers, Khalsa Council Members and ATA Professional and Lead Trainers:

During the election process you might be asked to provide recommendations from community members who are interested in joining the electorate and become a voter. To do so, please review the following before filling out the online recommendation:

  1. Please review the candidate requirements. If the the potential voter meets the requirements, you may write a recommendation letter.
  2. You can only write letters of recommendation IF you are one of the following: a Minister in Good Standing, and Active Khalsa Council member or an Active Lead/Professional Lead trainer in the ATA Academy. If you are unsure of your status in the above categories, please contact the subsidiary organization. 
  3. You may NOT write a recommendation if you are a family member for the person who is applying. 
  4. Candidates for the SSSC cannot write letters of recommendation for persons applying to be in the electorate.  If a recommender becomes a candidate after writing a letter of recommendation, the person applying to be in the electorate will be asked to provide an additional letter.
  5.  We will NOT be accepting written letters/PDF’s as recommendation. Only ONLINE recommendations will be considered. 
  6. You may fill out this form for as many potential voters as possible. 

Deadline to submit ALL recommendation is September 13th 2022 by 12pm EST.

If you meet all of the above please click below to fill out the online recommendation.

Note to potential recommenders: You must be shown to be in good standing in order to recommend a potential voter through this voter application process. Please contact the corresponding entities to confirm that you are in good standing prior to writing a recommendation. The last day to be able to be in good standing is 8 pm EDT on October 8, 2022 for the purposes of recommending a potential voter.

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