2022 Siri Singh Sahib Corporation Elections


How to become a voter in the 2022 Election:

There are three ways to be a voter for the 2022 SSSC Board of Trustee Elections. 

  1. Members of the community who automatically qualify.
  2. Members of the community that apply to become a voter for the first time.
  3. Members of the community that have applied and been approved in the 2020 Regular Election and the 2022 Special election

​Read below to see in which category you fall under. 

Option 1- Voters who automatically qualify

If you meet one of the following criteria you will automatically receive voter credentials at the email address on file with the entity:

  • Sikh Dharma International Minister in Good Standing, or 
  • An active member of the International Khalsa Council, or
  • An active Professional Trainer in the Aquarian Trainer Academy, or
  • An active Lead Trainer in the Aquarian Trainer Academy

Who to contact if you have questions about your automatic voter qualification status:

Please contact the entities below to verify your automatic voter status. Be sure to contact them as early as possible in this process. The last day to be confirmed as eligible to vote as a qualified automatic voter is by 8 p.m. October 8, 2022. After that date, if you are not in Good Standing/Active you will not be able to vote. You may need to work with the entity to ensure that you are in good standing prior to that date, so early confirmation is highly recommended.

  • Sikh Dharma International Ministers: For questions on updating your Minister status to be shown as Current/ In Good Standing, contact the office of the Secretary of Religion at info@sdministry.org.
  • International Khalsa Council Members: For questions about your Khalsa Council membership status, contact SS Sada Bahar Kaur at sadabahar@sikhdharma.org.
  • KRI Aquarian Trainer Academy Professional and Lead Trainers: For additional questions on your Professional or Lead Trainer Status, contact Puranjot Kaur at contractmanager@kriteachings.org

​Option 2 – Become a voter by application ​

Please click on the links below to read more about each of the processes to be a voter by application.

Quick Voter Election Links 2022

Become a new voter here