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Vitality and Stress Level Two Training  taught November 2018 in Accra, Ghana was the second one ever conducted in West Africa. The first one was lead by me in January of 2017 with the assistance of Ram Singh of France. 

I began Level 1 trainings in Ghana in 2005 and Togo in 2007. There are 10-12 teachers in Lome, Togo that have been teaching and conducting Level 1 trainings since 2008. There are 5-7 who have been teaching well before that without Level 1 certification. I was successful in getting a small grant to bring 4 of the teachers to Summer Solstice, two in 2010 and two in 2011.

here is a yoga center in Lome, Togo that has been operating for over 20 years.  The Level 2 training this year provided an opportunity to administer Sikh Vows to 4 Togolese men. Wahe Guru. Several others are deeply considering it. The main question from some is how will that be different from what they have been living for these many years. Our response is that it is a personal commitment before the Guru that will deepen the way they show up in community and take unasked for leadership where needed.

I brought in Ram Singh from France for both of the Level 2 trainings I held in West Africa. He was also a part of administering the Sikh Vows, and plans to become a minister soon himself and will join me in administering Minister vows when the time is right.

For the Level 2 Vitality and Stress training this year, we had 11 participants from Togo, 1 from Gabon, 2 from South Africa, 2 from Germany, 1 from Alaska, 1 from Vancouver, Canada and 5 from the US and 6 from Accra Ghana, where the training was held. It was an amazing international event where people from around the world bounded in a friendship that for most will last a lifetime.

ogo folks have been teaching, running a yoga center, and living the life style as vegetarians, making yogi tea and Prasad for many years before I arrived. What I brought was refinement of the teachings, corrections of kriyas, meditations, mantras, KRI protocol, lifestyle clarity, Gurdwara protocol (and ramalas), and donations from members of our greater sangat.

Their gratitude for the scholarships was obvious by the tenacity with which they tackled their seva chores (everyone had a seva duty). Not just what they were assigned, but any thing they saw that needed to be done, you could find one or more of the Togo teachers doing it. I had to insist many times for them to leave a chore and come back to the training.  They were all over the place on every break, carrying, cleaning and supporting,

There are many good reasons for the SSSC to extend its support to West Africa. I pray this request will just be a spark that will put more light on our Dharmic sangat that part of the world.

Peace to all,
MSS Krishna Kaur Khalsa

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