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The Independent Healing and Reparations Program (IHRP) offers an independent, confidential, and trustworthy process for reporters of harm to be heard in a supportive and non-confrontational environment, and for eligible individuals to receive compensation in the form of reparations to further promote individual healing. Please read about the reparations program here:

As we noted at the Q & A session, we were in the process of finalizing the claims administrators for this program. We would like to introduce the three claims administrators that will be overseeing the IHRP. Additionally we have hired a Program Compliance Advisor and a Claimant Support Facilitator. All the individuals have significant experience in this area. You can read about them on the EPS website under the Reparations tab or by clicking the following link:

For those with questions about the IHRP you can gain answers several ways.

FAQ’s – There is a growing list of Frequently Asked Questions on the EPS website

Click the Reparations tab and select FAQ’s. There are multiple languages to choose from.

There are also key contacts that you can reach out to.

Key Contacts:

  1. General Support – The Conduent team is overseeing the registration portal and can answer general and technical questions on the Registration Form
  1. Lynn Shiner: Lynn Shiner is the Claimant Support Facilitator whose job is to support people through the registration and claims process. Her brief bio is included in the IHRP Claims Administrator tab on the EPS website
  2. Hargobind Khalsa (Portland, OR) Hargobind is the Reparations Outreach Coordinator. His job is to oversee and assist with outreach related to the IHRP program.
  3. SSSC: For general inquiries not covered by the above.

Thank you and please reach out if you have specific questions.


Satwant Singh Khalsa

SSSC Executive Director

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