SSSC Election of Trustees

The Siri Singh Sahib Corporation (SSSC) is directed by a seventeen-member Board of Trustees. Two of those members, the Bhai Sahiba and the Siri Sikdar Sahiba, are included as Board members by virtue of their offices („ex officio“) and therefore are not elected. 
The terms and election of Board members are given in the Bylaws and Election Policy. 
Section 2.4 Term and Election. The terms of Elected Trustees shall be approximately five (5) years. Elections shall be staggered with one-half of the Trustees elected at approximately 2.5 year intervals. The election process shall be as specified in the SSSC Board Election Policy adopted by resolution of the Board of Trustees from time to time. … The term of the Initial SSSC Board shall be as specified in the SSSC Board Election Policy. (from the Bylaws)
The term of office for seven (7) of the Initial Trustees („Group A“) shall expire on the first day of the Spring Khalsa Council meetings in 2015. The term of office for the remaining eight (8) elected Initial Trustees („Group B“) shall expire on the first day of the Fall Khalsa Council meetings in 2017. Group A and Group B shall be designated on a volunteer basis. If either group receives fewer volunteers than necessary, the remaining Trustees for that group shall be selected at random. (from the Election Policy)
To see the current election as well as previous election results please scroll down and click on the respective links. 

Calendar of Elections:

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2020See election results here
2020 Special ElectionSee election results here
2022See election details here
2025Scheduled for spring of 2025
2027Scheduled for fall of 2027
2030Scheduled for spring of 2030
2032Scheduled for fall of 2032